Dissertation & Education

We call our service Empowerment Coaching because, as our company name 'Conceivers' suggests, we begin with you conceptualizing or conceiving of who you want to be using our visioning exercises and self-assessment processes. Our Dissertation and Education Empowerment Coaching is based on mindset theories, motivation, and self-regulation for learning.


The coach focuses on the learner's inspirations, desires, and mindset to achieve their education outcomes.  From there we guide your self-conceptions to become your self-empowered action using our 4Cs Empowerment Coaching process: Conference, Collaborate, Challenge, Celebrate.

Dissertation Empowerment Coaching

If you find yourself All but Dissertation (ABD) and needing to finish your degree consider our Dissertation Empowerment Coaching Services to help you get back on track.  

Education Empowerment Coaching

If you find you are struggling to complete your higher education degree consider our Education Empowerment Coaching.

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Your Empowerment Coach is your partner. We coach your accountability to your action planning and your activities for your transformations. We will give objective feedback that is direct, supportive, and encouraging.  

We recommend a minimum of four weekly coaching sessions to maximize outcomes. All coaching services are pay as you go.