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Lisa  A Smith, MBA - Being Professionally Fit

Lisa assists female entrepreneurs and executives with bridging the gap between their health and their career by helping them to become he best version of themselves through fitness, nutrition, and professional development Contact Conceivers Speakers Bureau: 517517.881.0017 for more information


Latoya Early - Chase Great Enterprises

Latoya has tackled the journey of entrepreneurship by focusing on the WHY behind the brand. She offers accountability, empow erment, internal development strategies, and a spiritual approach to a lifestyle of success and purpose.  She nurtures, develops, and see in dreamers what they can't see in themselves

Contact Conceivers Speakers Bureau: 517517.881.0017 for more information 



Dr. Zalonya Allen - Southeast Michigan Entrepreneur Association

For more than 15 years Dr. Allen has traveled the country working as a professional speaker and subject matter expert in psycho logy and leadership development. Contact Conceivers Speakers Bureau: 517517.881.0017 for more information


Gina Goree Hitchens MBA

Gina is so much more than a financial planner. As CEO of GhG Financial Planning, Gina uses over 30 years of industry exp erience and many years of life lessons, to fuel her purpose and passion for inspiring people towards financial confidenc. Her unique approach to financial planning is ofter credited for helping clients create financial strategies that enab le them to turn goals and wishes into lasting legacies, while they live a life defined by choice, dignity, and independence. Contact Conceivers Speakers Bureau: 517517.881.0017 for more information

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Veterinary Services
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Custom Jewelry Services
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Health and Fitness
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Individual Memberships

Paula and Pete Cunningham

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Event Planning Services

Champaign Wishes & Caviar Dreams by Fran

Creating beautiful events within your budget

Call: 248.245.3956 

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Non-Profits, Foundations, and Service Organizations

Against All Odds Foundation

Join us for our 10th Women of Vision Luncheon

May 12, 2018 @11am - 2:30pm 
MSU Kelloge Center 
East Lansing, MI 

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Clubs/Groups/ Organizations/Fraternities/Sororities

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

Incorporated Sisters of Twelve Dimensions in Time 

Second Sunday Brunch Club of Southeast Michigan


South East Michigan Entrepreneurs Association

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Bed & Breakfast

Proprietors 303 
Bruner Avenue |Evergreen, AL 36401 

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Vendor Markets

La Bella Maison

Beautiful Treasures for You and your Home

20 Milton Ave, Alpharetta, GA 30009 

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Dental Services
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Insurance Services

Charlotte Bowers

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Financial Services
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Restaurants and Eateries
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