Empowering Your Excellence Self-Leadership Virtual Academy

Join us for six virtual and interactive workshops designed to empower your personal excellence, as defined by you!

Empowering Your Excellence is based on Dr. Jan Cardwell's 10 Ways to Morph from What You Are Today to What You Want to be Tomorrow. Self-Leadership is a concept introduced by Christopher Neck and Charles Manz (2013) as a framework for how we empower ourselves for personal excellence.

Each interactive workshop is designed to dig deeper into our own personal behaviors to help us to understand what is holding us back from overcoming our own personal challenges.

Using the concept that it takes 21 days to change a habit... Each workshop will end with all of us setting one goal for three weeks and include a weekly touchpoint partnership session, with me, to discuss our challenges and keep us motivated.

This virtual training and coaching has a price point of $500 for every six weeks.

I am looking for 5 - 10 women to pilot this new virtual training for a $100 introductory fee and a commitment to attend all sessions held at 7pm on Sunday Evenings.

First Round of Sessions

  • Session 1: May 5, 2018 What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

  • Session 2: May 20, 2018 Imagine the Transformed You

  • Session 3: June 10, 2018 Your Mindset to Your Self-set

  • Session 4: July 1, 2018 Your Brand - Your Asset

  • Session 5: July 22, 2018 Your Social Capital

  • Session 6: August 12, 2018 Your Empowered Self

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