Courage: A Characteristic that Changes Things

Courage: A Characteristic that Changes Things

Harriett Tubman, Martin Luther King, and most certainly Barack Obama had it. Do you remember the cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz? He wanted it. What's this? Courage.

Courage is a characteristic that changes things; and great leaders, of change, are those that stand up and take bold moves for the sake of change itself. These leaders make hard decisions that often disrupt entire organizational systems, industries, and even societies. Courage is the ability to make bold decisions even when the stakes are high. Courage energizes, mobilizes, and activates change.

Historic examples of Courage for Change

If Harriet Tubman had a business card or LinkedIn profile today, her job title might be "Abolitionist", defined as a person who favors the abolishment of any law or practice deemed harmful to society. Harriet Tubman's desire to abolish slavery became her courage to escape her slave environment in 1849. She then returned to the oppressive slave state to make 19 more escape trips to free others from slave conditions.

Courage is why she came to be called the conductor of the Underground Railroad.

Beginning in the year 2020 Harriet Tubman will be the first African American woman to appear on United States currency, the $20-dollar bill (Tubman information retrieved from,

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