My Leadership Word of The Month Is Authenticity

My Leadership Word of the Month is Authenticity

When I think of being an authentic leader, I am reminded of Dr. King's speech and his commentary concerning being judged by the content of our character.

In a 2016 Blog, titled 7 Qualities of Truly Authentic People published in Psychology Today, Stephen Joseph writes.

"We ought not to judge authenticity purely by the passion a person has for what they say. The more important part of the authenticity question is to look at the character of the person"

What I gain from both these quotes is that if we are to be authentic leaders it should show up, be seen, and be obviously visible to everyone we interact with. So, what should authenticity look like?

Synonyms for authenticity include truthfulness, credibility, dependability and trustworthiness, and other words that describe the character of a person. Your thoughts?

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