My Power Word of the Month is Power

My Word of the month is POWER.

We push or click buttons on appliances, cars, computers or other devices; and instantly these objects are energized to service our needs.

Just as power is given to energize computers appliances and other devices. We humans have personal powers to energize our personal needs.

Power in this discussion is not a title; such as, president, manager, supervisor, or other leadership identity. Leadership titles are often temporary states of being that give authority - not power.

The goal for this discussion is to understand real power; which is, everyone's capability to push their own personal on and off switches to energize our lives.

To be specific, we all have three (3) God given powers within us. For those that don’t believe in a Holy Spirit, we have three (3) powers that humans can use. These powers are Choice, Purpose, and Action

This is not new information and I don’t propose to reveal anything you don’t already know. The objective is to raise awareness of how we can leverage the powers, that we all possess, to push past the ceilings and barriers in our lives.

These discussions will un-pack and explore the powers of choice, purpose or action for personal success.

If I were a Super Hero, I would call myself CHOICE - that is real power!

More to come from Conceivers Leadership Development Group!

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