The effects of privilege and circumstance on Women's Leadership Styles.

We are discovering our strengths and weaknesses in leadership! Do you identify yourself as a woman of privilege or a woman of circumstance? Does this self-identifier influence your leadership style? Dr. Jan Cardwell and Dr. Renee Green are on a mission to survey 1000 women to uncover influences on women leadership styles. We would love to have your input and the input of your circle of women. We ask that you forward this communication to your network of women and complete the survey by clicking on this link. Thank you for your support. We will send a follow-up communication when we publish the results.

For this, empirical research, we distributed a six-question survey to our organizational and personal networks of women leaders, to explore influences on women’s leadership style - based on two specific cultural self-identifiers: (1) woman of privilege or (2) woman of circumstance). We asked women to check specific cultural questions to define their personal meanings for privilege or circumstance, and we asked women to select their primary leadership style. Results will be shared in the presentation.

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